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Who is God?


This operation is rather difficult to do because “….there is no one or nothing higher than God by which to define his attributes. Nor are his attributes really separable from one another; each is a perspective on his whole nature” (Frame, “The Doctrine of God”, 2002, pp. 522-523).

Introduction: Who is the Lord?, The Lord as Tripersonal and Absolute, The Lord as Transcendent, The Lord as Immanent, The Lord as Both Transcendent and Immanent                                                                           [From John Frame’s Systematic Theology]

Explaining the Trinity: 

Lordship Attributes: God’s AuthorityGod’s Control, and God’s Covenant Presence.

Goodness: God’s Perfection, God’s BenevolenceGod’s LoveGod’s Grace, God’s Compassion, God’s MeeknessGod’s Beauty, God’s Peace,  God’s Patience, God’s Blessedness, God’s Jealousy, and God’s Joy.

Righteousness: God’s JusticeGod’s Wrath, God’s Hatred

Knowledge: God’s Knowability and IncomprehensibilityGod’s OmniscienceGod’s SpeechGod’s Truth, God’s Wisdom, and God’s Mind.

Power:  God’s OmnipotenceGod’s Will, God’s Incorporeality, God’s AseityGod’s GloryGod’s Spirituality, God’s Spatial Transcendence and Spatial ImmanenceGod’s EternityGod’s Invisibility, and God’s Unchangeability and Temporal Omnipresence.

Who is Jesus?: The Person of Jesus

Who is the Holy Spirit?: The Person of The Holy Spirit

Questions about God: 

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