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Thinking Clearly to Love Deeply

I believe one of the greatest needs in our time is simply learning how to love and grow (intellectually and emotionally) as human beings. However, in order to do engage in such a task, we must strive to answer the question of what it means to be human. I say “strive” because I understand the numerous disciplines that are involved in such as task, some out of my scope of interest and competency. Yet, I believe two focal points will at least set us in a right direction, God and biology.

Biblically, this website will do everything in its power to demonstrate¬†“authenticate humanity” under a Gospel worldview. This will not be simply quoting verses haphazardly in an attempt that a random passage might hopefully apply into your life. No, the¬†wisdom of the God is deeper. Instead, I will show what principles can be derived from the text in order that you may learn how to grow and how to love. I will show how you can relate and commune with God every day as I show you how these principles connect with our relationship with God and others. Through this, I hope to show how Jesus lays out what humanity is.

Scientifically, this website will equally strive for academic understanding of what it means to be human from the world of biology [emphasizing neuroscience, counseling psychology, genetics, and biochemistry]. I might quote from a biologist on telling us how genetics can help us better grasp why we perform certain behaviors, and another day might lead us reading neurologists on how the brain operates when a person is depressed. Whatever the path, biology is a gift from God that should be used wisely to understand how we should love and how we should think/feel about ourselves, people, and God. As such, this blog will wisely apply biology for the empowerment of our daily lives.

And lastly, I also want to be creative in how these two are demonstrated. Stories and pictures speak messages more loudly than even dissertations can speak. Considering this, I want to make it a regular habit of connecting the various forms of entertainment, art, pop-culture, and even Facebook hijinks to show that all of which point back to who we are and who God is.

I pray that this site may encourage you to think clearly about yourselves and who God is in order for your life and your ability to love to deeply change. Enjoy your stay.